Wash and Fold Laundry Service

“I Want to Spend More Time Doing Laundry!” -Said No One Ever

The reasons for using our wash and fold service extend far beyond just the time savings. The practical reason to try our service is this: Platinum’s computerized controlled laundering services enables true precision cleaning. With over fifteen different cleaning agents in use, our skilled technicians match the temperature and PH to each type of fabric to ensure the best possible cleaning of each garment in exactly the way it was designed to be cleaned.  In a nutshell, our multi million dollar facility enables us to launder your garments better than you possibly could at home by leveraging state of art technology combined with customized cleansing environments and ingredients. This is nothing like your old neighborhood laundromat, this is more like a high speed, giant cleaning laboratory which is multitudes more efficient and friendlier on the environment than even your appliances at home.

Besides the incredible amount of time savings with our service, you will quickly notice that each time we clean we also return your items professionally folded to you with an unmistakable fresh, like new condition.

We highly encourage you for just once… Take a load off! Try our Wash and Fold service just one time and  we bet you will be a customer for life!

Few things in life will give you more joy than this simple, but surprisingly satisfying service!  Experience the Difference…

Never do laundry again with our Wash and Fold Service!

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